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Can you imagine going into the kitchen to wash dinner dishes and discovering a few minutes after the drain is blocked? Or worse, go to the bathroom and discover that the discharge is blocked?
A clogged drain is a nightmare whether in the shower, on the toilet, or in the kitchen.
Fortunately for you, professional drain cleaning is now more convenient and affordable with the MR Help Plumber Lahore. We have an experienced and well-qualified staff to ensure the job is done!

Cleaning Drains

At MR HELP Plumber expert, cleaning Lahore drains is one of our experiences. Our efficient 24-hour staff is equipped to clean all types of drains. From floor drains to kitchen sink drains and drains in bathtub, we are there to help.
• Floor drains are very important as they help prevent water buildup, which, if not removed, can cause flooding in that area of ​​your home. However, these drains are also vulnerable to blockage quite frequently. Therefore, regular drain inspection and floor drain test should be performed by professionals to ensure the drain works properly.
• Similar to floor drains are kitchen sink drains. These are also vulnerable to blockage, as food particles can become trapped in the drain during flushing and can ultimately cause significant blockage.

Regular Drain Inspection

Periodic inspection of drains by a professional is a must if you want to avoid clogged drains later. Interestingly, too frequent drain inspections can actually cause damage to pipes as they become vulnerable to subsequent cracks, leaks and blockages. However, our competent and experienced staff at MR HELP Plumber Lahore does the job without damaging the pipes. Careful inspection of the drains is done under close supervision and the drains are tested accordingly to ensure there are no obstructions.

Drain Cleaning and Repairs

If a drain is found to be blocked, however small the blockage is, our team kicks in. From using alkaline, acidic, and enzymatic drain cleaners to using a high-pressure water system, the goal is to unclog drains. Once the drain cleaning process is complete, repairs are made to the adjacent pipeline if there is any damage. This can be done in two ways.
• We do this with minimal invasion, without having to dig to expose damaged pipes. The interior of the damaged pipes is epoxy coated to seal any cracks.
• Another way to repair damaged drain pipes is to mold a new pipe into the damaged pipe without affecting its original diameter.

Why Choose Expert Plumber Dubai for Your Drain Cleaning Needs?

Drain cleaning is something that may come up at the most unexpected of times. Therefore, you need a reliable, yet affordable company that can cater to your needs at any given time. If you are looking for reliable drain cleaning services, then you are in luck! MR HELP Plumber Lahore is just a call away to provide you with quality services at a fair price, anytime of the day! 
Regular Upkeep of and Maintenance of Drains by Skilled Professionals is a Must!

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