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Bathtub Repair

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What can be more relaxing than taking a warm bath in the tub after a long and tiring day? It might not be your kind of thing, but if you have a Lahore bathtub in your bathroom, you should give it a try! Apparently having a bathtub is a luxury and requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Always be aware of even the smallest change in your bathtub. Bathtub repair should never be overlooked and we at MR HELP Plumber Lahore are always there to help you 24 hours a day. Here we share some common problems you may encounter and you should call a professional immediately.

Bathtub Drainage Issues

One of the most common problems many people face is draining the tub. Using a plunger can help alleviate the blockage, if caused by a smaller object. However, if you suspect that this blockage is caused by a larger object, such as a toy or grime, don’t try to alleviate it alone. It could end up damaging the tub itself. Call our qualified and experienced agents at Plumber Lahore and we will surely solve the problem for you.

Bathtub Leakage

Since the tub tubing is hidden, it is not easy to determine the tubing leak. In some cases, you may not even notice a leak occurring unless you are performing a bathtub restoration or bathtub repair. Also, in the worst case scenario, you may not notice leaks until you discover leaks and mold on the wall adjacent to the bathtub. The best way to avoid this situation is to pay attention to your bathtub and call a plumber if you hear water dripping.

A Faulty Faucet

A faulty bathtub faucet may not be a hassle for you, but if the bathtub faucet repair is not done in time, it can lead to bigger problems. A faulty faucet not only generates high water bills, but ultimately leads to the depreciation of your bathtub. Sometimes a washing machine inside the tap is what needs to be changed. In some cases, you may need to replace the faucet itself.

Bathtub Cracking Issues

Bathtub cracking is also a frequent problem. There are three reasons why this happens:
• Use of abrasive cleaning materials for the bathtub.
• Use a bathtub made of a flexible material such as fiberglass.
• An unsuitable support for the bathtub can cause cracks, since the bath itself cannot support any weight.
Bathtub crack repair should be done as soon as you notice the slightest crack in your bathtub. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!

Always Ready to Help

At MR HELP Plumber Lahore, we have qualified and well-trained staff who are not only available 24 hours, but the bathtub repair services we offer are also affordable. All the time, maintaining a high quality standard.

Be Observant, Notice the Slightest of Changes in Your Bathtub and Be Ready to Take Action!

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